Ghost Giant

I was responsible for creating the environments in the VR game Ghost Giant. That includes most of the assets, textures and level building. It was a challenging and fun project to work on. Since the game was aiming for VR and I was the only environment artist I had to find a efficient workflow & an performant artstyle. I ended up using only three materials (Texture Atlases) for almost all assets - One for exterior, one for plants/vegetation and one for interiors. This boosted performance alot and once I had most of the main textures in place it was very efficient to work with - simply UV-mapping objects to existing textures.

  • IGN "All the details in each level are captivating in their own ways"

  • Push Square "When it comes to visual design, the game is up there with the very, very best"

  • METRO "The visuals are absolutely delightful and peering around at the little world in all its detail is a wonderful use of VR"

  • IndieGameWebsite "Every aspect of the construction looks as it was created from materials gathered purely at a local crafts shop. And it’s absolutely lovely in every regard"

  • TheDigitalFix "Ghost Giant is a lovely looking game, maybe one of the best looking VR games I have seen"